ARCP Checklist

It is a national requirement for all trainees to complete and submit a Form R ahead of each ARCP. The Form R can be downloaded from the Revalidation page.

All trainees must ensure they enter and complete all required assessments online through the e-portfolio system.  The ARCP panel will access e-portfolio on the day and will expect to view all the required completed evidence accordingly.

2015 ARCP Curricula Checklist

Failure to do this may result in the assessment not going ahead and the trainee being issued with an unsatisfactory outcome.

In addition to the requirements above, all trainees are also required to submit the documentation listed below:

  • Structured Training Report
  • Up to date Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Form R 

All Trainees

It is important that trainees have completed and can evidence in their e-portfolio a scholarly activity in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Such scholarly activities may include:

  • A publication in a peer review journal (Image in EM, EMQs, Emergency Casebook etc)
  • A publication in a non-peer review journal (editorial/review article in nursing literature etc)
  • A contribution to a text book
  • A substantial audit at Trust level or higher with robust methodology and full completion of the loop and evidence of dissemination or recommendations
  • An EnlightenME module
  • A BestBET
  • A substantial locally published and implemented guideline
  • A completed CTR

This is not an exhaustive list.

All EM trainees who do not attend a formal training day must complete an exemption form to demonstrate the reasons for non attendance. The form must be produced at the annual assessment and if not completed it may result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

The Annual Review will chart your progess to date and will identify any specific training needs for the future. The results of the review will be recorded on the ARCP form, copies of which will be sent to you and the Royal College with the original being retained Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education in your training record file. We advise that you share the information relating to your ARCP outcome with your Educational Supervisor to facilitate further Educational Supervision.

It is essential that the necessary documentation is returned uploaded to your e-portfolio prior to the deadline as this will enable the documents to be reviewed by the panel prior to the ARCP.

Failure to do this can result in the assessment not going ahead and the trainee being issued with an unsatisfactory outcome.