Training Days- Emergency Medicine

Training days for Emergency Medicine Higher Speciality Trainees (EM-HST) take place on the second Wednesday of every month and are hosted online via Microsoft Teams by the Peninsula Emergency Medicine Digital Education Forum (PEMDEF). These training days are orientated towards the EM-HST Curriculum and Specialty Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and ST4-6 Doctors in Training are expected to achieve at least 70% attendance each year.


HST training days include a monthly trainee-led Journal Club to satisfy the Critical Appraisal components of the 2021 Curriculum.


ST3 Doctors in Training may choose between attending the HST or ACCS training days. Whilst ST1-2 Doctors in Training are expected to attend ACCS training days, they are welcome to join the HST training days (although will not be allocated time off for this unless additional study leave is requested).


Face-to-face regional training will take place as required to fulfil specific educational objectives and will be advertised via PEMDEF, in addition to the EM Leaders Programme (more information can be found here:


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The current training day calendar and rota can be viewed here:


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